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What They Are Saying...
Some of the great feedback we have received
    Your sky maps are great -- visually attractive, easy to use and information dense. Great for unaided eye and casual stargazing, a fine introduction to astronomy, especially for younger night sky explorers. Great job! Thanks!
-- Kevin M. Ahern (Lynn, Massachusetts, USA)

I am a CubMaster for Cub Scout Pack 250. The boys asked for a Star Gazer Night. I had no idea how to find constellations or planets. I did a search for star maps and found your site. I could not believe the info you provide! It was great! I read The Evening Sky Map and was able to speak to the group like an expert! Your site was a lifesaver. Thank you very much for all your help.
-- Jeff Bloodworth (Chesapeake, Virginia, USA)

I have just started observing the night sky. Your maps are great -- loads of detail. Easy download. Found the Winter Triangle, Betelgeuse, etc... Thank you!!
-- Matthew Emson (Birmingham, UK)

Awesome, awesome, awesome! I can't believe this much information is freely available, and of such high quality. I've just printed out my first Sky Map, and I can't believe how much detail and how much information is packed into these two pages. Thanks guys, you've made my day!
-- Simon Marquis (Groningen, The Netherlands)

Great maps. I am so happy to have found you. Thank you. It helps so much to have a monthly map, for planets and such-like and rediscovering childhood constellations with my child.
-- Monty Drake (British Columbia, Canada)

Just what I was looking for! Concise, easy to read and very informative. Have learnt quite a bit since the start of Y2K from your maps. Please keep it up.
-- John Bazley (British Isles, UK)

This is great! I was trying to find this information for my 2.5 year old son who is fascinated by "consellations" (as he says it). I tried search engines which gave me quite a few sites before this one came up. This is the information I wanted to show him so we can look at the sky and discuss the stars! Thanks for the monthly updates!
-- Amy D. (Austin, Texas, USA)

This year I began to explore the skies -- in central Bolivia you can see wonderful skies. While travelling I always carry a paper copy of your monthly sky map. It really helps. I am learning how to identify stars. Every month there is something different. Every month I wait for the new release. Congratulations on your initiative.
-- Nestor Capello (Santa Cruz, Bolivia)

I subscribe to both "Astronomy" and "Sky & Telescope", however, I find your map and Celestial Objects section to be right up my alley and always on my observing table! Great job!!! Thanks.
-- Brian Watts (Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA)

Instead of lugging out the Norton's, I prefer to print out your two sheets and start right into my observations. It also is of great assistance when I have beginning star gazers with me who are unfamiliar with the heavens. Your maps are clear and to the point with the necessary current events highlighted. Scope up in salute!
-- Joe Guzman (Chicago, Illinois, USA)

Really the clearest map that I have ever seen. Congratulations! I think it is a basic but complete guide for beginners.
-- Javier van Praag (Caracas, Venezuela)

Map is fantastic! Explanations concise! Perfect for introducing astronomy! Thanks.
-- George Ransom (Jasper, Ohio, USA)

Fantastic! Nothing better on the Web.
-- Cameron Shaw (Melbourne, Australia)

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