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    Articles > January 2007
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The Evening Sky Map

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  Sky Calendar -- January 2007
3 Full Moon at 13:57 UT. The full Moon of January is called the "Old Moon" or the "Moon After Yule" in North American folklore.
3 Earth at Perihelion (closest to Sun) at 20h UT. The Sun-Earth distance is 0.983260 a.u. or about 147.1 million kilometers.
4 Quadrantid Meteor Shower peaks at 00:30 UT. Produces medium-speed meteors. The radiant is in the constellation Bootes. Parent comet is unknown. Full Moon interferes.
The Quadrantids (Gary Kronk)
4 Moon near Pollux at 8h UT (evening sky).
5 Moon near Beehive cluster (M44) at 11h UT.
6 Moon very near Saturn at 19h UT (evening sky). Occultation visible from N. Europe and N.E. Siberia.
7 Moon very near Regulus at 6h UT (morning sky). Occultation visible from N.E. Europe.
9 Jupiter 5° north of Antares (40° from Sun, morning sky). Magnitudes -1.8 and +1.0.
10 Moon at apogee (farthest from Earth) at 16h UT (distance 404,334 km; angular size 29.6').
11 Last Quarter Moon at 12:45 UT.
11 Moon very near Spica at 19h UT (morning sky).
15 Moon very near Antares at 11h UT (45° from Sun, morning sky).
15 Moon near Jupiter at 13h UT (44° from Sun, morning sky). Magnitude -1.8.
17 Moon near Mars at 5h UT (26° from Sun, morning sky).
19 New Moon at 4:01 UT. Beginning of lunation 1040.
20 Moon very near Venus at 17h UT (21° from Sun, evening sky). Occultation visible from southwestern Africa, southern tip of South America and Antarctica.
22 Moon at perigee (closest to Earth) at 13h UT (366,927 km; 32.6').
25 First Quarter Moon at 23:01 UT.
27 Moon very near the Pleiades at 17h UT (evening sky). Occultation visible from northern Europe.
31 Mercury near Venus at 23h UT (evening sky). Look for elusive Mercury about 7° below Venus above the west S.W. horizon. Mags. -3.9 and -0.9.
All times Universal Time (UT). USA Eastern Standard Time = UT - 5 hours.

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