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    Articles > July 2004
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  Sky Calendar -- July 2004
1 Moon at perigee (closest to Earth) at 23h UT (distance 357,448 km; angular size 33.5').
2 Full Moon at 11:09 UT. The full Moon of July is called the "Thunder Moon" or "Hay Moon". Occurs twice this month.
5 Venus near Aldebaran at 6h UT (34° from Sun, morning sky). Magnitudes -4.5 and +0.9.
5 Mars very near the Beehive cluster at 8h UT (24° from Sun, evening sky). Magnitude +1.8.
8 Mercury passes through the Beehive cluster at 21h UT (20° from Sun, evening sky). Magnitude 0.3.
9 Last Quarter Moon at 7:34 UT.
11 Mercury 0.16° from Mars at 0h UT (22° from Sun, evening sky). Magnitudes 0.2 and +1.8. This is the closest pass of two planets this year.
12 Moon near the Pleiades at 20h UT (morning sky).
13 Venus at its brightest at 6h UT (morning sky). Magnitude -4.5.
14 Moon at apogee (furthest from Earth) at 21h UT (distance 406,192 km; angular size 29.4').
17 New Moon at 11:24 UT. Beginning of lunation 1009.
19 Moon near Mars at 4h UT (evening sky).
19 Moon near Mercury at 15h UT (evening sky).
20 35th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing.
21 Moon near Jupiter at 16h UT (evening sky).
24 Moon near Spica at 13h UT (evening sky).
25 First Quarter Moon at 3:37 UT.
25 Mercury 1.3° from Regulus at 6h UT (27° from Sun, evening sky). Magnitudes +0.4 and +1.3.
27 Mercury at greatest elongation, 26° east from the Sun (evening sky) at 3h UT. Mercury (mag. +0.5) visible very, very low in the west about 40 minutes after sunset.
27 Moon near Antares at 20h UT (evening sky).
30 Moon at perigee (closest to Earth) at 6h UT (distance 360,323 km; angular size 33.2').
31 Full Moon at 18:05 UT. The second full Moon, known as a "Blue Moon".
All times Universal Time (UT). (USA Eastern Summer Time = UT ­ 4 hours)

Clear skies till next month!

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