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  Moon-Jupiter Event
17 March 2013 -- Evening Sky

By Martin Lewicki, Adelaide Planetarium, South Australia.

As it revolves around the Earth in its sidereal cycle, the Moon lines up with the same celestial objects every month. Each time it is a bit different because the Moon's orbit varies slightly in its tilt and period. In the early evening of 17 March the Moon once again passes near Jupiter affording an eye-catching scene similar to this time last month.

If you are in the northern hemisphere look west-south-west in the early evening. For southern observers look north-west. This scenario will repeat next month with a young Moon (thinner crescent) after which Jupiter will be lost to the evening twilight and in its conjunction with the Sun.

Sky Maps for Moon-Jupiter on 17 March 2013

Northern Hemisphere View

Southern Hemisphere View

Martin Lewicki is an Astronomy educator at the Adelaide Planetarium in South Australia. A member of the Astronomical Society of South Australia he heads their light pollution section and especially enjoys following the meanderings of the planets and looking out for those occasional enchanting groupings in the night sky.

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