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All sky watchers need a planisphere to quickly show the stars and constellations for any date and time. Note: Planispheres are designed for specific latitudes so be sure to select one for your latitude.

Guide to the Stars

(4th Edition, Nov. 2010)

A large 16-inch diameter information-rich planisphere (weatherproof plastic) for use in the Southern Hemisphere. Also available in a Northern Hemisphere edition.
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  Occultation of Jupiter by the Moon
18 February 2013 -- Evening Sky

By Martin Lewicki, Adelaide Planetarium, South Australia.

An occultation of Jupiter by the Moon will visible from Western and South Eastern Australia on the evening of 18 February 2013.

Universal Times for disappearance and reappearance of Jupiter at the dark limb of the moon for selected Australian city locations can be found at this link.

Sky Maps for Jupiter Occultation of 18 February 2013

Sky view from Western and South Eastern Australia.

The view from Jupiter.

Martin Lewicki is an Astronomy educator at the Adelaide Planetarium in South Australia. A member of the Astronomical Society of South Australia he heads their light pollution section and especially enjoys following the meanderings of the planets and looking out for those occasional enchanting groupings in the night sky.

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