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  Moon-Jupiter Event
21/22 January 2013 -- Evening Sky

By Martin Lewicki, Adelaide Planetarium, South Australia.

On the evening of 21/22 January 2013 a waxing gibbous Moon is visible near Jupiter and The Pleiades. Northern hemisphere observers need to face south and look up about 60° while for southern observers the bright pair are lower toward the north. Use binoculars to view the four Galilean satellites arranged near Jupiter.

Sky Maps for Moon-Jupiter of 21/22 January 2013

Northern Hemisphere Views

Southern Hemisphere Views

Martin Lewicki is an Astronomy educator at the Adelaide Planetarium in South Australia. A member of the Astronomical Society of South Australia he heads their light pollution section and especially enjoys following the meanderings of the planets and looking out for those occasional enchanting groupings in the night sky.

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