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The Evening Sky Map
Free each month for you to explore, learn & enjoy the night sky.
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 More Star Atlases 

interstellarum Deep Sky Atlas
Deep Sky Atlas

An outstanding new star atlas featuring 114 star charts, over 200,000 stars to mag. 9.5, and 15,000 deep-sky objects.
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50+ Customer Reviews

New 2nd Edition
Due August 2020

Pocket Sky Atlas: Jumbo Edition
Pocket Sky Atlas
Jumbo Edition (8.25 x 11.5 in)

Updated edition of the most highly regarded star atlas for use at the telescope. Featuring 80 star charts including close-up star charts of interesting star fields.
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300+ Customer Reviews

 Compare Star Atlases 
Star Maps for Beginners
Orion DeepMap 600
Bright Star Atlas 2000.0
Norton's Star Atlas
The Cambridge Star Atlas
The Observer's Sky Atlas
Pocket Sky Atlas
Sky Atlas 2000.0 Deluxe
Interstellarum Deep Sky Atlas
Uranometria 2000.0

 More Planispheres 

All sky watchers need a planisphere to quickly show the location of stars and constellations for any date and time. Note: Planispheres are designed for specific latitudes so be sure to select one for your latitude.

The Night Sky Planisphere by David Chandler
The Night Sky Planisphere

View Detail
A popular and inexpensive 8-inch diameter, two-sided planisphere designed to depict the night sky with less distortion than regular planispheres. Available for several latitudes, and in a smaller 5-inch edition.
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200+ Customer Reviews

Night Sky Editions
Latitude 20° to 30° North
Latitude 30° to 40° North
Latitude 40° to 50° North
Latitude 50° to 60° North
Southern Hemisphere

Guide to the Stars

View Detail
A large 16-inch diameter information-rich planisphere (plastic) for use anywhere between latitude 30° & 60° North. Also available in a Southern Hemisphere edition.
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300+ Customer Reviews

  The Evening Sky Map

The Evening Sky Map (PDF) is a 2-page monthly guide to the night sky suitable for all sky watchers including newcomers to Astronomy.

The Evening Sky Map (front)

Designed to print clearly on all printers, The Evening Sky Map is ready-to-use and will help you to:

  • Identify planets, stars and major constellations
  • Find sparkling star clusters, wispy nebulae & distant galaxies
  • Locate and follow bright comets across the sky
  • Learn about the night sky and Astronomy

Read some of the fantastic feedback we have received.

The Evening Sky Map is FREE for personal non-commercial use. Astronomy Education and Outreach groups may freely distribute printed handouts of The Evening Sky Map subject to the Terms of Use.

Click the download links below to obtain the latest issues in PDF format.

The Evening Sky Map
Northern Hemisphere Edition

Drawn for latitude 40° North (suitable for North America, Europe, China, Japan, ...)

May 2021: Northern Edition (PDF):

Sky Calendar links

April 2021: Northern Edition (PDF):

Sky Calendar links

Past issues are not available at present.

The Evening Sky Map
Equatorial Edition

Drawn for latitude 0° (suitable for Central America, Central Africa, Indonesia, Singapore, ...)

May 2021: Equatorial Edition (PDF):

Sky Calendar links

April 2021: Equatorial Edition (PDF):

Sky Calendar links

Past issues are not available at present.

The Evening Sky Map
Southern Hemisphere Edition

Drawn for latitude 35° South (suitable for Australia, Southern Africa, South America, ...)

May 2021: Southern Edition (PDF):

Sky Calendar links

April 2021: Southern Edition (PDF):

Sky Calendar links

Past issues are not available at present.

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Sky-Watcher Classic
10-inch Dobsonian

With a large aperture and a proven and easy-to-use design, this telescope is a great investment for a beginner and will find a lifetime of use.
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100+ Customer Reviews
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Celstron SkyMaster
Giant 15x70 Binoculars

(tripod adaptor optional)
You will be amazed at the celestial objects you can see with a good pair of binoculars. The Celestron SkyMaster 15x70 binoculars are an excellent, low-cost choice for the urban skywatcher.
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5000+ Customer Reviews
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 More Beginner Guides 

All Time Best Seller

Nightwatch: A Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe

Best first Astronomy book. All time best seller in this category. Includes a set of star charts.
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800+ Customer Reviews

More Observing Guides

New 5th Edition

Look inside ↧  
Turn Left at Orion [book]
Turn Left at Orion

An outstanding guide to the night sky with detailed finder charts for 100's of objects (multiple star systems, nebulae, star clusters, and galaxies).
More info
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400+ Customer Reviews

More Jigsaw Puzzles

Ravensburger 16213 Map of The Universe by Tomas Filsinger -- jigsaw puzzle
Map of the Universe: Jigsaw Puzzle

(23.5 in. x 31.5 in.)
View Star Map detail
1500-piece jigsaw puzzle consisting of a single hemisphere star map surrounded by informative astronomical and calendrical data and graphics.
More info
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Save on National Geographic Reference Maps at Amazon.com
Printed on premium quality paper stock, rolled, and packaged in a clear, hard plastic tube
National Geographic Solar System poster
The Heavens
Click to View Detailed Image

Star charts and constellations for both Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Chart shows 2,844 stars, nebulae and star clusters visible to the unaided eye.
Size: 23" x 30"
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National Geographic Earth's Moon poster
The Earth's Moon
Click to View Detailed Image

Detailed map of both sides of the Moon showing hundreds of lunar features and the lunar mission landing spots. Includes graphics and descriptions of the Moon's phases, and much, much more.
28" x 42"
Buy at Amazon

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National Geographic Milky Way poster
The Milky Way
Click to View Detailed Image

Computer-generated image of the Milky Way showing positions of 100's of thousands of stars & nebulae. Shows Earth's location and includes photos, descriptions and other features.
24" x 36"
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